Count and point your group members in 1 click

The Groupeer Check solution

Download the app and make the counting automatic

Each attendee is identified quickly and automatically

Identify the attendees

Groupeer check, what is it ?


Groupeer Check enables the development of value-added features and services.


Groupeer Check is a SaaS solution

that allows you to count dynamically and automatically

For transport...



    • Groupeer check transport : a complete product, designed for the needs of all the actors of the public transport industry


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For travel groups...



    • A solution that allows you to count and identify all your attendees automatically during your trips


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They trust us

  • We decided to work with groupeer technologies because we realised that our organizers have issues with managing children problems during transport time. So, we worked on a solution to simplify the process and secure the counting

Reliable, responsible and made in France

The solution was processed, designed and developed in France.


Made In France


Why such a choice ?

Because we believe in French expertise

We want to stay close to our partners in order to bring the best quality to our customers.

Our strengths ?

A controlled production, strong relationships with our partners, a high flexibility in managing customers needs, the best quality, a facilitated logistics, and above all, the pride of undertaking and producing in France !